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Recruitment Campaign Launched at Eno’s Pizza Tavern

Last night at Eno’s Pizza Tavern, 6 people attended the first of several meet and greets to come during the month of February that will show case how Car Share Co-Op of Oak Cliff could operate, and how membership would work. 

Guests were presented with a CSCOC brochure of the details about the car share, as well as the first five were treated to a free beverage from CSCOC!

If you missed it, but planned on attending, don’t worry as more will be announced in the coming days!  If you’d like to have a presentation done about the car share program, please email

Also, if you’re new to car sharing, and just need a little push, check out the 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge happening right now over at Bike Friendly Oak Cliff.


PSA for car free living

Over on Dallas Transportation Blog…….

1 Day 52 Weeks No Car Challenge news story

Here’s a story that hired tonight about the 1 Day 52 Week No Car challenge happening over at Bike Friendly Oak Cliff!

Oak Cliff residents accept car-free challenge

WFAA Channel 8

by Shon Gables

New Pages Added and Updated!

We’ve added or updated several pages on this website as we prepare for the new year with hopes to launch this program in early 2011!

  1. Check out the Join page to sign up and receive email notifications for membership.
  2. Read our new FAQs, frequently asked questions, page detailing many common questions about how a car share co-op works.
  3. See the 2011 Price List
  4. Hear about the latest News about this exciting new program to hit Oak Cliff!
  5. View our Membership Application just posted!