Car Share Co-Op in Oak Cliff

A neighborhood car share program


Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the day-to-day work?

CSCOC is an all volunteer lead group of neighbors dedicated to the concept of car sharing within Oak Cliff, TX.  CSCOC members do the work of maintaining the cars, calculating the billing, processing membership applications, and managing the future of the CSCOC. CSCOC asks all of its members to make a contribution in some capacity – you can clean the car, join a committee, or even be a board member!
To see what sort of help we’re looking for right now, take a look at our Volunteer page. Top

Who makes the decisions?

The day-to-day decisions are made by the Board of Directors. Ultimately the members decide the direction of the CSCOC– that’s you! Top

What is the availability of the co-op cars?

Ideally a car should be available to you 100% of the time.  The reality is that this may not always be the case.  The standard availability in other car sharing groups is that vehicles are available for over 90% of the time. CSCOC is expecting to meet or exceed this level of service.   Even with private ownership someone else in the household may be using the vehicle or that it’s broken-down and needs repair, therefore forcing you to make alternative plans for transportation. Top

How long can I use the car?

You can book a car for as long as you want. The shortest time period you can book and use it for is 30 minutes. Remember that you pay a per hour charge to encourage you to use it efficiently. It is suggested that you cost compare the co-operative vehicle with a rental for long trips. Top

Can others in my household use the co-op cars?

Yes. A member may sponsor a person that shares their household and has a relationship with the member. This member is called an Associate Member.  The sponsored person needs to be eligible for membership as outlined in the Supplemental By-Laws. All Associate members must be sponsored by a Full member.  This is explained in more depth in the member’s manual. Top

Who fills up the tank?

Each member is responsible for ensuring that the tank is at least half full for the next user. When a member notices that the tank needs to be filled they will fill it and submit the receipt for reimbursement on their monthly bill, or incur it as a donation if willing. Top

How is damage to the vehicles recorded?

Members crosscheck each other by doing a visual inspection of the vehicle before and after each use. Top

What happens in the case of an accident?

Call 911.  Ensure that everyone is safe and call the CSCOC Emergency Contact Top

Who cleans and maintains the cars?

If you make a mess of the car you will be expected to clean it and pay for it. CSCOC volunteers clean the vehicle on a regular basis and take care of all vehicle maintenance. The CSCOC vehicle is on a preventative maintenance schedule to ensure that it is in good and safe working order. Top

What happens if I get a parking ticket or the vehicle is towed?

Each member is responsible for their own actions. If you fail to put money in the meter or park in a tow away zone you will be responsible for paying these charges. You may also be responsible for charges incurred by other members if the car is not available for them to use when they had reserved it. Top

What if I decide to leave the car share co-op?

Car sharing is about co-operative ownership and that takes flexibility and willingness to working with others. This system isn’t for everyone. If you decide to leave the CSCOC you need to notify the CSCOC board in writing and your share deposit ($400) will be returned less any monies owing to the CSCOC. A check will be done to ensure there are not any outstanding parking tickets or other charges caused by your use of the vehicle(s). The deposit will be returned 90 days after you have returned the key and the CSCOC has received your letter of intent. Top

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