Car Share Co-Op in Oak Cliff

A neighborhood car share program


January 27, 2011

For Immediate Release

Thursday, January 27, 2011

For more information:

Jonathan Braddick (214) 205-4205

Car Share Co-Op of Oak Cliff Launches Recruitment Campaign

OAK CLIFF–On Wednesday night at Eno’s Pizza Tavern, Car Share Co-Op of Oak Cliff held its first meet and greet of many more to be announced through the end of February 2011.  This is part of a recruitment campaign aimed at attracting new members to the newly formed car share.  Jonathan Braddick, President, said “This car share would be the first of its kind in Dallas and quite possibly North Texas.”

The Co-Operative will function as a neighborhood car share co-operative program designed to work within the small, dense neighborhoods of Oak Cliff and surrounding areas.  Here are some highlights of the structure of the program.

Members must meet the following eligibility requirements:

1.       Possess a valid driver’s license

2.       Be in the general agreement with the objectives of the Co-operative and agree to abide by the by-laws, policies and procedures of the Co-operative

3.       Receive approval by the CSCOC’s insurers of your driving record

4.       Must live or work within 75208, 75203, 75212, 75211, 75207, 75202, and 75270 zip codes of the city of Dallas as of January 1, 2011 and provide proof of residence or work

Members will join as one of three different member types:

Full Member

A person who has paid the full share and associated fees, meets the eligibility requirements, and has been approved by the Board

Associate Member

A person who has paid the partial share and associated fees, has a full member sponsor, meets the eligibility requirements and has been approved by the Board

Group Member

A business or organization who has paid the full share and associated fees, meets the eligibility requirements, and has been approved by the Board



1.        Application fee per person:  $25 (one time)

2.        Start-up Administration fee:  $50 (one time),             $60 for groups up to four drivers


1.        Full Member:  $400 (Full Share:  four shares at $100 each)

2.        Associate Member:  $100 (Partial Share:  one share at $100)

3.        Group Member:  $700 (Full Group Share:  seven shares at $100 each)

a.        Additional group member drivers $100 each

Usage Rates

1.        Monthly Access Fee:  $2

2.        Rate per Mile:  $.50 (2010 Federal mileage rate)

3.        Rate per Hour:  $2.50 (rate only applies from 7am-11pm)

4.        Rate per Day:  $20

5.        Rate per Week:  $130

Assorted Charges

*See full Price List at

Download CSCOC brochure

For more information go to or contact us at

January 2, 2011

1 Day/ 52 Week No Car Challenge

Read about this opportunity to try your hand at a no car day!

Meet and Greet

January 26, 2011  7:30pm -9:30pm
Upstairs @ Eno’s Pizza Tavern

Meet upstairs to learn more about a possible future car share co-op program in Oak Cliff! We’ll discuss a model program in Edmonton, Alberta, and a recent pricing list for our very own car share program. Come with your own ideas, energy, questions and feedback! Please make sure more people are aware of this event.

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