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Recruitment Campaign Launched at Eno’s Pizza Tavern

Last night at Eno’s Pizza Tavern, 6 people attended the first of several meet and greets to come during the month of February that will show case how Car Share Co-Op of Oak Cliff could operate, and how membership would work. 

Guests were presented with a CSCOC brochure of the details about the car share, as well as the first five were treated to a free beverage from CSCOC!

If you missed it, but planned on attending, don’t worry as more will be announced in the coming days!  If you’d like to have a presentation done about the car share program, please email

Also, if you’re new to car sharing, and just need a little push, check out the 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge happening right now over at Bike Friendly Oak Cliff.


Meet and Greet @ Eno’s Pizza

On January 26, 2011 Car Share Co-Op of Oak Cliff will host it’s first Meet and Greet @ Eno’s Pizza  in the upstairs dinning area.  If you’re interested in learning more about car sharing or just want to hang out and have a beer, anyone is welcome to come by.

A short presentation will begin at 7:30pm, followed by discussion.  We will be reviewing a model car share program in Edmonton, AB that is being used to craft a similar program here in Oak Cliff.

To rsvp, please click here .  For any follow up questions or comments, please email

Guest Blogger for DMN’s Transportation Blog

In today’s DMN Transportation Blog, Rodger Jones allows me to tell my story about setting up this car share co-op.  While there are always going to be “hater’s”, I don’t regret putting myself out there one bit.  Blogs can serve a very good purpose in our society, however much they may be abused by the public.

Here’s the story!

If you’re interested in discussing the car share with me in more detail, please drop me an email at



DMN Transportation Post Spawns this Blog!

I must say that I didn’t expect to be writing this or really even take my idea that seriously, but today’s DMN Dallas Transportation Blog post by Rodger Jones titled, “Can Oak Cliff man launch car share co-op?” has made me rethink it and consider the opportunities that may or may not arise.

Basically, the idea I have is to create a co-op for people to share the expenses of operating a vehicle in Dallas county.  I have two main purposes: 1)Save money on maintaining a vehicle, and 2) Move to a one care household

My vehicle is a rare 2003 Jetta wagon TDI with 150,000 miles and another 150k waiting..If you’re not familiar with these engines, see this website devoted to them.  They’re very durable and get up to 50 mpg!  The idea would be to create a share for the vehicle based on a monthly fee that pays for expenses.  I’m not sure how that fee structure would look like to date, but will contemplate that if enough interest is generated.

If you’re interested in discussing more, please post a reply to this thread or email me at